Have your content stand out in an over-saturated world.

Ignoring social media marketing is like having a business and not telling anyone about it. After all, it is the perfect platform for letting your clients, prospects, sphere of influence, family (and ostensibly friends from kindergarten) know exactly what’s happening with you and your business.

We happen to have the time, resources, and tech-savvy to set-up and manage all of your social media profiles for you.

From posting beautifully branded images and thought-provoking content each week, all the while using our “magic mix” formula, your business will have a super-savvy social media marketing strategy executed with sweet precision.

The content your business shares on social media will form the opinions most people have about your business. Your customers want to see updates from you —besides, this also allows them to see the personality and STORY behind your brand.

Let Limelight’s awesome team of social media strategists manage your social media marketing so you can get back to running your business.


A significant 62.4% of social users leverage Instagram to follow or research brands and products. Social media serves as a robust tool for consumer research, with 82.5% of users using platforms to gather information about brands. If you’re in the game, especially on Instagram, it’s time to elevate those social selling skills!

  • Posting (graphics and photos)

  • Caption Writing

  • Hashtag Strategy

  • Stories & Reels

  • Engagement

  • Highlight Covers
  • Social Advertising

  • Influencers


With almost 3 billion monthly users on Facebook, the user base alone significantly enhances the chances of reaching your advertising audience. Facebook’s extensive reach is essential for a successful digital marketing campaign targeting one of the world’s largest audiences.

  • Posting
  • Caption Writing
  • Social Advertising
  • Stories & Reels
  • Engagement
  • Custom Branded Covers

  • Group Posting

  • Influencers


Pinterest serves as a dynamic visual discovery engine, making it an invaluable asset for businesses looking to enhance their online presence and engage with a diverse audience.

  • Rich Pins

  • Re-Pinning

  • Board Development

  • Advertising


Embracing TikTok for business not only infuses a burst of energy into your digital presence but also offers a dynamic space to unleash creativity, engage various demographics, and propel your brand into the spotlight.

Google Biz

On a monthly basis, our team of local SEO maestros will implement a tailored blend of tactics to boost your ranking, including

  • Publishing engaging Google Profile posts with custom graphics.
  • Enhancing your business listings on over 40 directories.
  • Geo-tagging post images across platforms.
  • Managing review requests responding to your Google reviews as well. 
  • Topped off with a comprehensive Google Business Profile report showcasing your keyword-driven ranking progress.


LinkedIn is crucial for businesses as it serves as a professional hub where networking, brand promotion, and industry authority converge, providing a fertile ground for establishing meaningful connections and fostering business growth.

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