Brand Reinforcement

By proactively sending out email campaigns, customers and prospects will come to feel your brand is familiar and will think of it more often.

Professional Designs

Studies have shown that people prefer emails with images and an attractive design rather than just plain text. We create beautifully branded templates that will make you and your brand stand out.

Increase Sales

Nurturing prospects and customers with a monthly eNewsletter or targetted eBlast is one of the most effective ways to stay in front of your database and generate additional sales.


Where your message meets their inbox.

  • Template Design

  • Strategic Scheduling

  • Send Management

  • Contact Processing

  • Subject Lines

  • Audience Segmenting

  • A/B Testing

  • Email Automation


A monthly or bi-weekly message or news you need to get out to your database.


Promotion, sale, targeted email, or holiday.

Drips & Automations

Pipelines of emails that are triggered based on consumer behavior.

Send beautifully branded emails to your database.

There’s been a rumor flying around for years —we’ll blame Hollywood —that “if you build it; they will come.” By that token, as soon as you’ve built a website or create a social media profile, people should flock to it, right? Not exactly. (See also: dot-com bubble burst circa 1998). It is true that no one can come to your business if you haven’t built it, but they also can’t come if they can’t find the door to get in.

Custom-tailored email marketing provided by Limelight Marketing Systems opens that door to your business, your brand, and directly to you.

With campaigns that capture clicks and feature compelling graphics, Limelight email marketing delivers a “magic mix” of content, including catchy, professional, and useful information. Content that is designed to reinforce your brand, drive people back to your website, and increase followers on your social media platforms.

Your customers and prospects check their emails every day. They want to receive emails from brands they do business with. But, they only want it if you are emailing valuable, helpful information. Our monthly eNewsletters are not only beautiful —they include content that your audience will love.

Let Limelight’s awesome team of eNewsletter specialists strategize, build, and deliver a monthly email campaign aligned with your marketing goals and target audience.

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