The Limelight Lifestyle

Because YOU deserve it!

Picture this: it’s a Tuesday, 2 pm. It’s a glorious day where you are. The sun is shining. The temperature outside is a perfect 72 degrees; a gentle breeze tousles your hair as you take a bite or a drink of your favorite beverage or snack. You just finished up some work that both challenges and satisfies you. Maybe you’ll keep working from your home office, or maybe you’ll head and work from your neighborhood coffee shop or even better the beach so you can enjoy the afternoon.

Would you rather be out in the world on a glorious day like this one, doing work that means something to you, or watching it pass you by from the windows of an office?

Once you can call yourself a digital nomad, you’ll have the kind of freedom that allows you to enjoy the moment, wherever you are, and whatever you are doing. Being a part of the gig economy (which is growing faster than anyone anticipated) is no longer just considered “working from home.” It is a dynamic lifestyle, the best parts of which are:

The freedom to set your own schedule. You’re totally in control of when and how much you work. Early-bird, nighthawk, or somewhere in between, you get to decide when you work and when you play.

The freedom to travel. No need to ask permission on how to spend your time. You can travel as little or as much as you want; as long as you have an internet connection, you can work. The freedom to pack up and go, and have the life-enriching experience you have always wanted, can now be a reality. And when, or if you begin to miss home, you can return whenever you want without missing a beat, professionally.

Freedom from overbearing bosses. Work for someone awesome – yourself! With the skills and experience, you build by being a digital nomad; YOU are your own boss.

Sounds great, right? However, not all remote-working opportunities are created equal.

And into freedom. See why Limelight is a game changer.

We’re always growing – so grow with us! Everyone at Limelight is committed to doing their best, and to developing their skills. Develop your expertise in a remote but supportive environment with Limelight.

You’ll be part of a unique team – working with Limelight means that you’ll benefit from being an essential part of a collection of people with a great sense of humor, diverse backgrounds, and shared values of hard work and respect.

Unparalleled flexibility – choose your hours and projects, with NO pressure to take on jobs that don’t make you want to roll up your sleeves and get down to business.

We encourage baby-steppers – want to dip your toes into freelance work without having to leave your life in smoldering ruins? Work with Limelight as little or as much as you want to build your confidence and expertise at a pace that works for you.

Most important of all, the Limelight Lifestyle encourages you to think bigger: to bet on yourself, invest in your abilities, always keep moving forward, and live your best life!

Do you want to be part of the Limelight Lifestyle?