Let us help make your phone ring.

Remember the last time you got something in the mail that wasn’t a bill? Or the last time you received a gift out of the blue? It made you feel pretty darn special didn’t it? That’s precisely why we offer relationship marketing. We help you make your clients feel darn special.

With custom cards and a selection of gifts (the edible kind, nom, nom, nom) sent on your behalf, our team of do-gooders at Limelight make sure your clients know how much you care about them, even when you’re busy as can be. All you have to do is let us know who deserves to know that you care, and we’ll get to work, printing, stuffing, stamping and mailing your personalized greeting cards or shipping tasty treats to any postal address anywhere in the world.

Amazing Contact Manager

A robust contact manager that makes it easy to keep track of your network but If you already have a CRM – chances are you can integrate it using the API!

Personalized Cards & Gifts

Whether it’s a coffee mug, one of our gourmet treats, or a beautifully branded card (or both)—you can personalize your gifts (and treats!) for maximum impact!

Print on Demand & Delivered

Save time and impress your recipient by using the data merge and Image Auto Merge™ features. Personalization takes on a whole new meaning!

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