Get Professionally Written Content

We won’t mince words. If the content (AKA “copy” or “text”) on your website or blog isn’t up to snuff, you’re selling yourself short. Haphazardly thrown together text or dated content is a surefire way to guarantee you’re neither attracting the website visitors you need, nor bringing in the business you could be generating. We hate to bring up the phrase “content is king” because it has become insufferably cliché but when it comes to content, it is mostly true. We say mostly, because the overused cliché should really be “QUALITY content is king.”

Say something!

Our professional copywriters stand at the ready to help you. We’ll put a voice to your business, all the while ensuring you gain a secure foothold as an industry thought leader. This benefits you many times over as the quality blog content created by Limelight Marketing Systems can be re-purposed into e-mail marketing campaigns, social media, text marketing and so on.

If all that weren’t enough, we’re also happy to write professional executive biographies for sole proprietors, staff and team members, along with company executives.

At Limelight our copywriters aren’t people who write website content occasionally. They write web content every single day. It doesn’t hurt that that they have incredibly useful auxiliary experience in marketing, public relations, journalism, and proofreading. Contact us to learn more about our professional copywriting and web content services.

Reinforce Brand Voice

Quality content on your website blog (to be broadcasted to your email list and social media followers too) will not only interest and engage readers, but it will also reinforce the voice of your brand.

Increase Web Traffic

Regular blogging on your website attracts new visitors through a variety of channels including organic search traffic (SEO), social media, email, and more. A blog post lives on your site forever, can be updated and enhanced over time. 

Build Audience Trust

A blog helps provide value to your audience and in your industry. this adds to your reputation as an industry expert, resource, and trusted advisor. It also sets you apart from the competition. 

“By having fresh custom content we’re able to stand apart from the competition, have seen increased open and response rates on our newsletter, and more organic traffic on our website. The team is very responsive to our needs and consistently delivers quality results.”

– Brandon

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