Meet Brittany

Coming from a fashion background, Brittany uses a slightly different visual eye to bring graphic design to life. A graduate of Parson's Fashion, Art and Design school, she spent 13 years living, working....and running through New York City streets which is smart because... well, it’s New York City.

Speaking of running, Brittany completes 1 marathon each year in a different city. So far she has 6 marathons under her belt in various cities.

She loves kids, and is equal parts nephew lover and nature lover!

She has recently relocated to Minneapolis for a job designing women’s accessories. That’s things like belts, jewelry, purses and those tiny silver liquor flasks that tuck away in those purses.

She says she‘s an outdoors person and enjoys the water being in or near the water which I guess works out well since she just relocated to the land of 10,000 lakes!

Her interest in graphic design and unique style is what got our attention. She likes the diversity of customers and variety of projects at Limelight.