Welcome to the Limelight Marketing Experience! We’re going to treat you just like family, and we don’t mean the dysfunctional types that you see on TV.

The Limelight Team will make you look good at prices that will make your head spin (in the best way). We are talented industry professionals with our only goal being to make your business more successful. We're really good at it, and if you ever get to meet us you’ll like most of us. (Learn more about our team HERE!)

The combination of our systems and team will build brand awareness that will penetrate the minds of your prospects much like the Vulcan Mind Meld (a little love for those Trekkies out there). This will leave your clients with only one logical choice when it comes to making a purchase, and that would be to do business with YOU.

We’ll need to get a credit card on file which we will auto bill on the 1st of each month for recurring work that you have approved. Diners Club no longer accepted and we don’t do Air Miles. Click HERE for our Online Billing Form (we need this BEFORE we get started on your projects).

A couple things to keep in mind:

  • In case you were thinking about skipping town (haha) our bill comes at the beginning of the month for “recurring projects” that will be completed by the end of each month.  
  • There’s a One Time Only Set Up Fee, billed upon your receipt of projects - - like an amazing website, newsletter setup, and branding banners.
  • Any special projects you would like us to complete will be billed upon completion.

*** We don’t do contracts, to us that’s like a pre-nup, the kind that celebs get when they have an expectation of future failure. If you want to split, just let us know (email works) on or before the last day of the month, we’ll do a virtual handshake and part ways. We’re that easy to work with ***
 Here’s what makes you an awesome client to work with:
1. You like us, we like you, and everything goes just as planned. Or put another way: We deliver and we expect a very congenial relationship.
2. Be patient, good things come to those that allow us the first 90 days to figure out the best fit between your needs and our team. We can’t be rushed, good work needs time, and great work needs at least 24- 48 hours to turnaround (not including setups).
3. Our systems are streamlined, time tested and they WORK. We trust them and you have to trust us.
4. We love to keep in touch via a 30 minute phone call at least once per quarter. During that call we will discuss strategies and review all the work we have done for you to date. We want you to understand that we keep our costs down by operating as a virtual company. If you insist on meeting us in person, great! We charge $200 for the in-person meeting, $500/night for room and board (minimum 3 nights), and first class airfare from Minneapolis to wherever you want to meet us.
Schedule a Quarterly Marketing Review via a phone call HERE. 

Call, text, or email with questions anytime. We are looking forward to working with you – thanks again for the opportunity!

Tricia and The Limelight Team