Get Ready For Your Close-Up: Why Video Marketing is More Important Than Ever For Your Business


In the early days of the internet, video marketing was only for those with deep pockets and hive-like connections.

These days, however, in a trend that shows no sign of slowing down, video marketing is as prevalent as an Instagram vacation selfie. To stay relevant, every business should consider adding videos to their marketing strategy.

The numbers are staggering: Insiders report that 87% of online marketers use video content and that 82% of Twitter users watch video content. Here are some other fun facts from Wordstream:

  • Marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users.
  • Sixty-four percent of consumers make a purchase after watching branded social videos
  • 59% of executives agree that if both text and video are available on the same topic, they are more likely to choose video

Why are marketing videos everywhere?

  • Anyone with a smartphone or a laptop with a webcam in it can create and post videos
  • Economical, targeted advertising on social media sites has leveled the playing field

Why marketing videos are important for your business:

  • Videos tell a story. Marketing videos tell your story and sell your product in a thorough and personal way
  • Targeted advertising and SEO gained from it, are shortcuts to customers who may be interested in your product

All of this can be intimidating, but don’t worry! Here are a couple of tips on how to convey your message in a sincere and effective way.

·      Make a script and practice – you’ll have only a few moments to catch your viewer’s attention. Working out what you want to say will help you make your offer clearly, and ensure that you’re conveying the intended message. Better yet — write (or delegate to a ghost writer) a monthly blog – you can use this as the subject of your video AND your SCRIPT!

·      Make Lighting and Sound Your New Best Friends – Nothing turns a viewer off faster than potato-quality images and fuzzy sound. As long as you avoid excessive backlighting and speak clear enough to be heard, you’re on the right track.

Above all, however, don’t give up – your tenth video will be much better than your first. Don’t get discouraged if your first few don’t get the results you wanted. The hardest part of any project is getting started. We’re rooting for you!


The Inside Scoop #02 - Does Your Marketing Work in Harmony?

An orchestra is a beautiful thing; it consists of a bunch of people sitting in a semi-circle facing a conductor with a huge ego. You have brasses, woodwinds, percussion instruments and maybe the occasional accordion. It can be a great two hours of classics or if you’re not a fan, the best snooze you ever had. 

The magic happens, when the Maestro (they like to be called that) raises his arms and starts. His job, Mr. Maestro, is to keep them synchronized in their efforts. 

That’s what all that arm waving’s about. It tells the piccolos when to come in, the violins when to crescendo and the percussionist when to use more cowbell…And don’t think that cymbals player is any slouch, he has one of the most important functions of all. He’s watching for anybody dozing off and then he springs into action with a loud clangggg!! 

So what’s my point here?  An orchestra is like a well-oiled machine where every little musical nuance has to work together in the same pitch and tone. As a connoisseur of the arts you come to appreciate something beautiful but when it’s not right you notice…and when it’s really off that orchestra becomes more like a garage band.

Is Your Marketing an Orchestra or More Like a Garage Band? 

Marketing is very much like that orchestra. A well-executed campaign requires timing and synchronization resulting in it all working together in harmony.

Consider this: Have you ever heard someone say, “That band was great. The singer was terrible, but I enjoyed the music despite him/her.” No one ever says that.

Because you can’t have a great band or a great orchestra unless everything and everyone is equally as great as the collective group and they work together in unison. 

The same holds true for a successful digital marketing strategy. All of your marketing pieces need to work together; it's a collective group effort that can create the best experience for your audience and the best opportunities for your business.  

Essential elements of well-designed marketing systems, in perfect harmony for every small business owner, include:

  1. A consistent BRAND on all of your marketing pieces. The same logo, colors, tagline and image should appear on all of your marketing…website, eNewsletter, print (business cards), social media. Need an updated brand - take our branding survey. 
  2. A mobile responsive website that reinforces your brand.
  3. A website that has links to your Facebook page and other social media. 
  4. A website that has a “join my list/sign up for my eNewsletter form”.
  5. A website with consistent and SUSTAINABLE content like a blog which will engage and invite people to return often.
  6. Your eNewsletter must feature your blog.
  7. Your eNewsletter needs to link back to your website often.
  8. Your eNewsletter needs to link out to all of your social media platforms. 
  9. Your social media platforms should feature your blog content.
  10. Social Media posts should link back to your website.
  11. Social media should feature your monthly eNewsletter.
  12. Social media should have a sign up for my eNewsletter form easily accessible. 

Just remember…

If yesterday you did nothing and today you’re planning on finishing off what you started yesterday, then you need a better plan. 

Our plan is to bring all the parts of your social symphony together and create an online experience that is in harmony for your audience. If you think your marketing is missing some key components of the orchestra, now is the time to set-up your free quarterly call with Tricia.

Love Making the Music



The Inside Scoop #01 - Grow Your Database

Everyone who knows, loves, trusts and even slightly dislikes you (why should they be excluded?) should be receiving your Monthly eNewsletter.

It’s a heads-up essentially saying, “I’m still here” and when you need a solution, I’m still-still here.

You want more business? Just get in front of MORE people. Add 5 new email contacts to your eNewsletter database per week.

Think about all the different places customers interact with your business. Pick at least one of these strategies below and watch it work. 

You’ll be amazed at what a big impact it could have for your email marketing and business.

1.  Make "Connections" on LinkedIn: If you’re not already leveraging it, you are missing out. You are able to export your connections and add them to your database. (See below for instructions or ask us for assistance - we can do this for you, we are after-all, the can-do people). 

In our opinion, this is the single most important thing you can do to grow your database and connections. 

Be smart about who you connect with. Once you export the list you will need to do some clean-up; delete those that you don't want your newsletter to go to (direct competitors, people you owe money and ex-soul mates), it's worth the effort!

2. Look to your existing database: Don’t overlook your existing database of contacts. Colleagues, friends, neighbors, family members. Export contacts from your email database (Outlook, Gmail, etc.) we can help with that too.

3. Utilize your business card collection: Most people have a stack of cards sitting around – you know, all those ones you felt you had to take from a stranger or risk seeming rude. Those can be another great source of emails for your Monthly eNewsletter.  You’ll have to use good old-fashioned data entry (Or scan/send them to a limelight team member - we can do this for you! We are the Can-Do People … catchy isn’t it?)

4. Call and re-connect with people that did business with you 5, 7 or 10 years ago: Some of them will deny ever knowing you or you may find out they’ve been in prison since you last spoke, who knows who cares, move on.  They is also worth the effort, you just can’t tell who will pan out. Many will have a new email address or perhaps for those clients from waaaay back, you don't even have an email for them, now you can ask for it. This 1 simple "touching base" phone call could lead to new business! 

5. Door knocking: Seriously though, don’t be shy; this is a great way to grow your database and tell people all about your fabulous, informational, Monthly eNewsletter. If you do this make sure you have a leave-behind. We offer a printable summarized version of your eNewsletter which would make a great “leave behind”. You could also leave a business card and a fast-stats report for their neighborhood.

 6. Business Card Drop Contest: Hold a drawing at a local restaurant, coffee shop, etc, Get the permission of the owner and you’ve got a new stack of cards. It's a little retro but it still works!

We had one client that did this and by the end of 1 week had 100 new email addresses! 

7. Facebook: This is where all the movers and shakers are. Get all those thumbs up people to sign up for your newsletters and watch as you take over the world. 

FB is a great place to get your friends on your eNewsletter sign up form. This form should be on your business Facebook page for sure! 

You should also create 1 post per month to sign up for your FREE Monthly eNewsletter. 

Encourage fans and followers to join your eNewsletter list and expand your reach tenfold. Ask us how to do this!

Another great tip is SHARE your actual eNewsletter or eblast on social media, for example, many of your fans and followers won’t be on your email list and this gives them another opportunity to read your message.

8. Run a Facebook Ad: Remember that guy from your high school that ended up selling life insurance and contacted everyone he ever knew on Facebook?  Well, don’t be that guy.  But do consider how you can use a Facebook Ad to reach a new social media audience; there are lots of options.

We know of a business that added more than 2,000 contacts to their email list in a single month. It’s a bit of a coincidence they were in the life insurance business after what I said but what the heck.

Instead of driving people directly to your Page, use the ad to drive people to your email sign-up form

9. Add a sign-up form to your website home page: You could put something like “Sign Up Here” but that’s not very original, we’ll come up with something better (it’s that whole Can-do thing that we do again).  

Your website will be the first contact many people have with your business.   Don’t miss the opportunity to stay connected with all of your visitors.

10. Add a subscribe link to the bottom of your email signature: Something subtle like; HEY! LOOK AT ME, I Gotta Monthly eNewsletter or Sign up for my monthly eNewsletter HERE. 

Not everyone who sees your daily email will be on your eNewsletter list so this should draw his or her attention to it and encourage them to sign up!               

Peace Out and Stay Groovy