Social Media is the perfect platform for letting your clients, prospects, sphere of influence, family (and ostensibly friends from kindergarten) know exactly what’s happening with you and your business.

We happen to have the time, resources, and tech savvy to set-up and/or manage your social media profiles for you.

From posting custom branded images several times a week, and using a “magic mix” formula for content for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, to targeted advertising on Facebook, we’ll design a super savvy social media marketing strategy for you, and execute with sweet precision.

Time to consider Instagram for your business? The age old adage that a picture a says a thousand words is still true today! The images your business shares on Instagram will form the opinions most people have about your business. Your customers want to see consistent updates from you and this also gives them an opportunity to see the personality behind your brand.

Let Limelight’s awesome team of social media strategists manage your social media marketing so you can get back to running your business. Want more proof that social media can make a difference for your business read our blog!