Limelight Regional Manager

As a Limelight Regional Manager, you take on the responsibility on selling new client’s on Limelight’s marketing services. You then keep in touch with them and manage that client relationship and all of their marketing services going forward.

This Regional Manager Program is designed for those who would want to be more actively involved with their clients.

1) This client you sell becomes a client of Limelight Marketing Systems.

2) Limelight will invoice that client, process their payments, set up Sharepoint Services, and track expenses.

3) The Regional Manager receives an ongoing 50% commission each month based on the client’s gross sales.

4) The Regional Manager may choose to get paid for any projects they do or we can assign projects to another team member.

5) The Regional Manager would provide a monthly update (via Sharepoint) on each of your client and their services.

6) Limelight would provide you with customized personal marketing materials to use in your area.

*If you are an active Regional Manager, then you are not eligible for the Limelight Brand Ambassador program.