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Appreciate you so much. This has been a great relationship and I’ve enjoyed working with you and your staff. Easiest marketing program ever!
— Brenda Reid
Thanks Mandy, this works beautifully.

My marketing is all getting so coordinated and looks great.

Thanks for your help.
— Dennis Hartley
Just wanted to take a minute to thank you three for helping me grow in the areas of the business that I truly need your assistance with. My eNewsletter gets compliments every time it goes out!
— Bryce Henning
I’ve appreciated your services and the great people you have working for you, especially Debbie.
— Michele Olson
I have tears in my eyes! The newsletter, website, new photo just brings my brother’s vision to life! The polish and professionalism will propel his company.
— Joanne O.
I just had a past client tell me they want to list their house with me this summer. I also have a listing appointment from a client I lost but kept on my mailing list and meeting with him on Friday. So it’s working!
— Sotheby's Realtor
Thank you all for your work and support.  Making 2018 the best year yet!
— Real Estate Broker
You all are the best! Thank you so much!!!! 
— Angela - Curly Top Baker
Thank you for your gift of time and articulating so well the nuances of creating a site and how your company works with clients....it was very informative and helpful for our after discussion.
— Laura C.
I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for the welcome package! That was very nice! I am looking forward to the news letter going out! Thanks again for all your help!
— Justin Bender - SCA Performance
The new e-newsletter format is a great improvement!! I’m so impressed!!
— Chris N - EOS Business Coach
Holiday eblast looks great! Lots of responses already.
— Michael B - Lake Sotheby's Realtor
My event banner turned out great. Better than my wildest dreams! Thank you.
— Ivan - Tutoring & Test Prep
We have gotten a lot of good feedback from the very first newsletter!
— Brandon - Author and real estate agent in Mpls.
I appreciate how well tuned you are now into the individual branding elements of our business. Your newsletters are well designed and in line with the branding elements.
— Manjri - Tutoring and Test Prep & Coding for Kids
Success. Keep up the good work!
— Brandon D, Real Estate Agent and Author
Thanks for all your work on my newsletter – I continue to get good feedback, and it seems like each newsletter leads to a business relationship, speaking engagement, or a good lead whenever it goes out.
— Another Happy Attorney Client
Hi Limelight Team: I like the professional look and feel that we are transmitting to the market place. Thanks everyone for your continued support.
— Ellie - Tutoring and Test Prep (Arizona)
I’m very happy with the results of my newsletter. As a result of my initial email publication, I received two invitations for speaking engagements in front of high quality audiences!
— Emily D - Lawyer
I elected to go your route because I like you, trust you, and I’ve been using you a long time now.
— Ryan P - Top Minnesota Real Estate Team
I am so excited, I am feeling really empowered, have had great feedback on the blog, the website, and even on my most recent report. I feel more able to network and my blog makes me feel more like an expert with a point of view. :) Thank you.
— Nancy - Market Research Consultant

Ok so I received a call from my enewsletter and this client wants to purchase a home up to 2 million!
— Emily - Real Estate Agent (Redondo Beach)

Like a lot of business owners, I was looking for a way to get my Constant Contact e-newsletter out the door. I wanted it to go out every month, not just a few sporadic times a year. Then I connected with letmkno marketing. They made getting our newsletter out each month very easy. Their team and systems took another piece of work off my desk and gave me the confidence that my eNewsletter was not only getting done, but it was making me look good! The next step was to increase the number of fans on my Facebook Business Page. Once again I found myself talking with letmkno marketing. I asked them how we could get more fans….then BOOM!, over a hundred new followers in a month’s time. I was very happy that my social media tasks were moved off my desk and I knew they were getting done correctly and in a professional manner – again, making me look good! Working with letmkno marketing has been great. They offer easy one stop billing and seamless integration between my Facebook Business Page and my Constant Contact e-newsletter. As a small business owner, it takes a team of people to hold all the parts together, that team is usually just me. letmkno marketing has made things a lot easier for me, and I bet they could help you too.
— Tim - Small Business Owner

Be prepared to take your business to the next level. They are going to knock it out of the park for you! Trust me on this one!! Reach out to my good friend Tricia to setup your email blasts the right way. Your business will go thru the roof.
— Allen - Real Estate Broker (Los Angeles)

Love working with you guys and LOVE LOVE LOVE your work!
— Brett and Randy - Real Estate Team (Minneapolis)

I want to thank you for all you have done for us over the last few years - you have been crucial to our web presence and online education.
— Marilee & Dave - Real Estate Team

Limelight Marketing Systems have been great to deal with! They keep me in contact with past and future clients without me even lifting a finger! Love them all!! From the first month I have had contacts actually stop me in the grocery store and tell me they just got my newsletter and enjoyed the content. I get a super rate of opens and I love looking at the reports, they are a true pick me upper every month. All of the staff is very friendly and cooperative, even when I make changes to the layout at the last minute. I always highly recommend letmkno marketing!! Thanks for keeping me on top of my business.
— Jim - Real Estate Agent

Hi Tricia, Thank you so much for an awesome call this morning. I am soo impressed with you and your organization’s follow up and genuine concern for my success. It’s a process and I really enjoy working with everyone that I’ve been in touch with. Thanks again and I really appreciate all of your help.
— Alicia - Real Esate Agent

Awesome, thanks and I am getting great comments from people along with retouches from people I have not connected with in a while....very worthwhile for sure!
— Patty - Human Resources/Recruiter/Consultant

The Limelight Team has been instrumental in helping us create and develop our brand strategy. Their marketing products and delivery systems are one of the best investments we’ve made in our business.
— Glenn - Real Estate Broker

Limelight has made email marketing and staying in touch with my clients, friends and acquaintances ‘one click easy’. The templates are prompt and professional at the beginning of each month. I recommend them.
— Ron - Property Managment

The Limelight Team is great to work with. They are on top of my marketing and help with any questions I may have and they are very accommodating if I want to make changes. Not only are they timely and professional with my marketing - they call to check in - great personal service. I highly recommend letmkno marketing!
— Karen - Real Estate Agent