Meet Tommy

Tommy would prefer you got to know him over a couple beers with Stevie Nicks playing in the background, but the following details will have to suffice.

Tommy is creatively versatile, with skills ranging from copywriting and social media management to photography and web design. He can help clients with virtually every aspect of marketing: writing email newsletters, writing social media and blog posts, designing images and logos, building websites, you name it he can do it. In fact here at Limelight, he's known and "can-do Tommy".

While he grew up in both St. Paul and Minneapolis he is actually a first generation Minnesotan. His personality is a messy combination of his mother’s warm, outgoing Missouri nature, his father’s rough and tumble South Boston upbringing and his own easygoing Minnesotan friendliness.

His love for writing and drawing has led him to his most current project -- a children’s book about anthropomorphic beans. No, this is not a joke, but yes, it is funny.

During the summer months, Tommy enjoys riding his motorcycle. Last year he rode from Minneapolis to San Francisco. It seems he finds new and inventive ways to accidentally injure himself every few years. To date, he has broken his arm twice, ankle once, rib once, and leg twice. No, you would not be the first to tell him to drink more milk.