Meet Paul

Digital Marketing Specialist Paul Faur is a bit of a modern-day Renaissance Man, with interests and hobbies diverse, and a bit of a wanderlust spirit. After receiving his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Cartooning and Illustration from the School of Visual Arts in NYC, the St. Louis native began work as a graphic designer in 2013. When he’s not designing for Limelight clients, he’s playing basketball, reading comic books, or Netflix and chilling with his partner Bonnie, his pooch Chloe, and their cats Leeloo and Romeo. Alternately, he may just be relaxing, listening to Cheap Trick (his interests really are that diverse). Formerly a movie theatre projectionist, Paul bid adieu to the cold winters of the Midwest and the Northeast to settle in Tempe, Arizona, where he spends his time in the sun helping to bring brands and businesses to life through creative design and marketing campaigns.