Meet Maryann

Maryann from Maryland, how cute is that?  But don’t be fooled, this Maryann is a deadly trained publicist, which means her marketing skills have to be registered with the Better Business Bureau as an unfair advantage.
She tells us her other special talents include client branding, social media marketing and taco stuffing ….Whaaat?  You read right, she can eat a whole taco in one bite!
You see we don’t just hire the industries best marketing people here at Limelight but we also recognize and value exceptional abilities like this.
She graduated from Syracuse University, which at the time had been considering a merger with Trump University (dodged a bullet there).
MaryAnn has a degree in Marketing and Writing Rhetoric; and yes, we didn’t know what that meant either so we looked it up. It is the study of effective speaking and writing, along with the art of persuasion. She persuaded us, enough said.
Her additional interests and talents include visiting museums, watching reruns of Gilligan’s Island, reading books and strategizing with clients. Maryann currently resides in Florida and we are super excited to have her on The Limelight Team!