Meet Mandy

Mandy lives in Northern Iowa, where her main defense against the long, dreary winters is a double layer of socks and slippers at all times. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in graphic design from Upper Iowa University, and has used it to successfully pursue tons of freelance projects, since she cannot hibernate through the terrible winters like she’d prefer.  

Her skills include all things visual: social media graphics, banners, photo and video editing, motion graphics and typography, web design, book cover design, and brochures. Mandy delights in utilizing all of these visual skills to help clients tell their stories through design.

She and her husband are co-parents to four children and one very large dog.

While work and family keep her happily busy, on her occasional free time, Mandy enjoys photography, and all things that are both outdoors and warm. Mandy is also a secret pool shark, so if she ever challenges you to a game, consider yourself warned.