Meet Jen

An admitted logophile, Jen Hadley loves words probably more than is healthy.  From writing pithy blogs to witty web copy, Jen spins words for professionals in industries including legal, medical, real estate, finance, mortgage, insurance, HR, and so many more. A Midwestern native, Jen’s current home base is Los Angeles, where she whiles away her days writing with reckless abandon for countless clients and publications across the nation.  Armed with a -slightly less than useful- degree in Philosophy, and a background in Public Relations, she’s written articles on everything from cheese to transportation measures, and restaurant reviews to neurosurgery over the past 15 years.  An unabashed dog freak, when she’s not writing her brains out, she’s at the beach with her tiny hounds (Frankenstein and Abby Normal) and volunteering her time with animal rescues.