Meet Chris

At the heart of every successful company are the people behind the scenes that keep the wheels greased and the tank full, or to put another way, is responsible for the operations and systems. Limelight is proud to have the extremely versatile and talented Chris in that role. He has a family of 5 kids (3 of them girls …YIKES!), two dogs and, we quote, “a very smart, beautiful and sexy wife”. We think that description is probably going to get him a lot of “home cred”. 

An economics degree from the University of MN and a history of serial entrepreneurship, including stints as a public speaker, corporate trainer, business developer and radio disc jockey, make Chris a very interesting guy.  His hobbies include gardening, boating and singing. Yup!,  you read right, singing. If you’ve ever been to a public place, like a restaurant, and 4 guys just stand up and break into a chorus of “Shine on Harvest Moon”, that just might have been Chris and his Barbershop quartet, sharing their love of 4-part harmony or trying to sing their way out of paying the bill. Climbing Mt. Rainer is on his bucket list and knowing him, he’ll do it.