Meet Ben

Ben was born in the land of Stetson hats, Longhorn cattle and Chuck Norris; that’s Texas in case you didn’t know. He eventually moved on to Chicago, land of the skyscraper, deep-dish pizza and Oprah. A graduate of Macalester College, Saint Paul, MN, Ben swept his wife Tina off her feet with his Barry White record collection and smooth tech-talk about WordPress, Squarespace, Photoshop and other software programs. His greatest joys are his two kids and five grandchildren. Ben’s interests include, cycling, and birding; birding in case you’re wondering is where you see a bird, and yell: BIRD!! There’s probably a little more to it than that - - and he did tell us that on a recent trip to Cuba he came across a Cuban Tody! Apparently that’s a rare bird, but it sounds suspiciously like a rum based cocktail to us. Ben may be a bird-spotter but Limelight is a talent-spotter and were proud to have him as our website specialist.