Meet Ariel

Ariel is a proud native of the great state of New Jersey where she spends an inordinate amount of time fending off jokes about her Jersey accent, Chris Christie and the infamous show Jersey Shore which aired a few years back on MTV. She studied Creative Writing at the University of Southern California and eventually became a Los Angeles transplant, where she remains today. Ariel has written professionally in the areas of law, medicine, pharmaceuticals, real estate, mortgage, education, art, and others. We are proud to have her on the Limelight copywriting team!  Over the past few years, Ariel has drafted content on topics ranging from laser spinal surgery, to the Hawaiian real estate market, to motorcycle financing law and beyond. When she’s not learning a new, obscure topic for an article or creating beautiful newsletters that put our clients in the limelight, she spends her time hiking the hills of East L.A., furniture hunting, and visiting her niece, Adelaide, in Denver.