Back to School Means Back to Business!

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Do you ever notice that the beginning of a new school year feels like a fresh start? It's not quite the same as a brand new year feeling, but there is something in the air that is motivating. It feels like just the right time to revisit the goals that we put on our vision board back in January and—after our "where did the time go" thoughts –we get motivated all over again.

Why in September does this feeling occur?

It's all about our brain.

Have you heard of the "fresh start effect"? In the book When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing, author Dan Pink cites research about this effect. There are certain days/times of the year (September is one of them) that our brain identifies as opportunities to start something brand new or even begin again.

So if you’ve got that fresh start feeling, there is no better time to review your marketing! In fact, you can get your very own marketing report card and see how you are doing so far.

Need some fresh ideas?

  • Instagram for Business (read why here).

  • Facebook, and Twitter and LinkedIn oh my. You can't ignore it any need attractive, branded posts, and you need more followers. LinkedIn now gets engagement the same way Facebook does, and we see more comments and likes with LinkedIn posts all the time. Consistent weekly posting is vital. Consider a targeted Facebook advertising campaign for more followers.

  • Growing your email database never goes out of style. Are you increasing your email database by at least ten new people per month? Wondering what the dollar value is of an email address? Read THIS.

  • Speaking of emails, are you reviewing your stats from your eNewsletter each month? We even make it easy for you and send them right to you. Schedule a call with me to determine how best to follow-up on these leads…yes you heard me….leads.

  • Are you still camera shy? We see a tremendous engagement rate in our client's eNewsletters with VIDEO intros (we add this right to your eNewsletter intro paragraph). Schedule a call with me, and I will share an easy and natural way to do this!

  • The 90's called and they want their website back. If your website isn't up to date and need I say mobile-responsive yet, then it's time for an update. We are here if you need us! (See some of our samples HERE)

  • Grow your relationships. Start a Birthday Club! while we are on the subject of Birthday Clubs, will you join ours? You won't be disappointed. We can do this same thing for you with your clients. Just ask us how.

  • What happens when a client or prospect Googles your name or business? Can they find you? Do you have a Google business profile? Search Limelight Marketing Systems in the Google search bar, look to the right, and you will see our Google Profile. This profile is like a loyal friend and it's FREE SEO for your business! You can also post ongoing content to this profile. Need help setting this up? Just let us know. We have several packages that offer organic SEO for your business.

We hope you find these tips helpful —cheers to a productive fall! 

Keep in touch - Tricia and The Limelight Team (952-212-7598)