Welcome to our Marketing Coordinator Assessment! (August 2017)

A Marketing Coordinator for Limelight Marketing Systems is be able to look at the "whole picture" of a client's marketing and find ways for that business to better connect and engage with it's prospects and clients to consistently generate leads and referrals.

We offer 8 basic marketing systems for our clients: https://limelightmarketingsystems.com/

Our clients complete a quarterly "Marketing Report Card":  https://limelightmarketingsystems.com/my-marketing-report-card/

Take a look at the marketing links below.  After you have taken a look at the links, please complete the form below with ideas about what you think they they are doing well and what we might do to help them.  This is the job that we will be asking you to do in your role as Marketing Coordinator. You then have the opportunity to do as much of the work that you suggest to them as you want to.

(If there is something that you can't do, we have specialists on our team that can help out with any of the systems that we offer)

Have fun!  Questions?  Email jobs@thelimelightteam.com

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