The Evidence to Back It Up: Email Marketing Is to Blame for Your Increased Sales, and Incredible ROI

By Tricia Allenson

Fellow professionals, the proof is indisputable. The reason your website traffic is booming, and your sales or captures are on the rise, is no longer a matter of “whodunnit.” Indeed, all fingers point to your email marketing efforts as the culprit for your increased sales, and your delightfully impressive ROI.

That’s right, business owners, hear this and hear it loudly. Your email marketing efforts are cost-effective. Your email marketing efforts are efficient. Your email marketing efforts are earning you clients, sales, and new business, and now we’re going to tell you exactly why this is the case, and why it will continue to serve you well, long into the future (if you’re doing it right).

Evidence That Email Marketing Impacts Consumers of All Ages and Delivers an ROI:

Email marketing gives you a direct connection to your audience, no matter their age. Even the most tech savvy generation of consumers is responsive to email marketing. In fact, the Millennial generation tends to open retailer’s emails more than other recipients (43% vs. 32%), despite their reputation for spending all their time on social media. They do tend to do so using mobile devices more so than older generations though, so email marketing efforts need to be mobile-friendly.

This massive generation of consumers also overwhelmingly prefers to engage in communication with brands via email. But what’s so truly remarkable, yet undeniably true, is that this demographic is eager to help communicate your message FOR YOU, without even charging you for their efforts. Indeed, nearly 50% of Millennials report that they are not only open to sharing messages received via email marketing, but that they are willing to share that message with others through social media. Yes, folks. Millennials are plugging your business and brand for you. For free.

Proof That Email Marketing Allows for Successful Integration with Other Marketing Campaigns

Social media marketing campaigns are time and again shown to be aided and abetted by strong email marketing efforts. For example, companies which launch successful campaigns on Instagram, or Facebook, encouraging tagging, sharing images, or entering contests, often use social media to promote the campaign. Upon closer examination, however, it has been revealed that it is the email marketing campaign providing the nuts and bolts of how the contest or campaign works, what its purpose is, and why you should get involved. Make no mistake, it is the email marketing campaign which ultimately makes these efforts to succeed, sometimes, going viral.

However, unlike social media sites which are using increasingly more complex algorithms to determine who sees your posts, the opposite is true of your email marketing campaigns. You’re still in the driver’s seat when it comes to your email distribution list, so even if a social media

campaign doesn’t hit everyone in your target audience, the combo of social media and email marketing ensures that your message reaches it mark every time.

The Numbers Don’t Lie: Email Marketing Has a Direct Link to Web Visits, Sales and Increased ROI

Numbers tell the truth, and the numbers are in, showing conclusively that email marketing is nothing less than effective. Consider that:

* Email marketing has an ROI of more than 40%. For every $100 spent on email marketing, you’re liable to get more than $4,000 back.

* More than 25% of online sales from Black Friday stem directly from email marketing efforts.

* Email marketing overwhelmingly provides the best acquisition and retention rates of all digital marketing tactics.

The verdict is in. Email marketing continues to be responsible for increasing web traffic, serves as the perfect accompaniment to other marketing efforts, and is guilty of increasing your ROI to new heights.

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