Pack a Punch and Win with Marketing in a Box

By Tricia Allenson

Minimalism is all the rage these days, and at Limelight, we’re obviously focused on what is front and centerstage in terms of marketing trends.  But in this case, we have to toot our own horn, and say that we’ve been a little ahead of the curve in this regard for…well, for years.  

We’ve always known that the best marketing tactics are brilliant in their simplicity. In fact, we’ve built our brand on the concept that less is more—when done properly.  As such, we have spent years helping individuals, executives, and businesses of all kinds to create and deliver simple, strong marketing messages (rather than throwing proverbial punches all over the place and hoping something lands).

In other words: laser sharp marketing, which hits its mark every time, is much more powerful that incessant messaging which is haphazardly thrown about, or worse, lacks a target.

To that end, we have taken our time tested, and winning but simple strategies, and put them together to create Marketing in a Box by Limelight. This all-in-one marketing system is cost-effective, efficient, and powerful, all the while being simple to start, and even easier to maintain. After all, most good ideas are simple, right? 

What Is Marketing in a Box?

Marketing in a Box by Limelight includes four vital, but simple solutions for your marketing needs.

1. Custom Branded eNewsletter Banner and Email Marketing Campaign

2. Custom Branded Facebook Banner and Facebook Business Page

3. Custom Article Each Month For Your Blog or Social Media Profiles

4. Custom Branded Printed Quarterly Newsletter

What Does It Cost?

The set-up fee for Marketing in a Box by Limelight is a mere $299.  From there you’ll pay $199/month. 

What’s the Catch?

There isn’t one.  In fact, there isn’t even a minimal commitment or contract.  Bam!

What Do I Need to Do Next?

Fill out our online form, and we will contact you.  Or call us if you prefer at 952-212-7598. 

That’s it.  No strings attached, and no pulling punches at the 11th hour. If you’re ready to strengthen, yet simplify your marketing efforts, get in touch today.  Marketing in a Box by Limelight will ensure that your marketing efforts knock ‘em dead. 

List Building: Crushing It With 4 Social Media Monsters

By Tricia Allenson

Your email list is the lifeblood of your business, but you knew that. And of course you are always looking for ways to build that list with more new warm prospects, and we know that. So, what to do, what to do? Well, first of all, don’t trust anyone that says they have all the answers, they don’t. Basically they are a used car salesmen (no offense to used car salesmen intended, we know someone has to resell “previously loved” Honda Civics).

Do we have all the answers? No, but we have a social media strategy that will get more people back to your website, and that’s where the real selling happens. So read on.

In the world of email there is a lot of noise. Think of all the uninvited mail you get - everything from Groupons to skin care products. Even the ones you do subscribe to often have subject lines so lifeless you don’t open them anyway. But...what if you put your invitations out there where you may be already connecting with your prospects?

Do you Pinterest (not sure that can be used as a verb)? Do you take selfies and post them to Instagram? (If you do, you must leave this blog immediately). Are you on Facebook? “Like, Like”, Yah Baby ! and… Are you LinkedIn (like Facebook but for professionals looking to connect with others in their profession).

Do all of these and many other social media channels have a resident expert to help you? Then you need to get one quick or consider outsourcing it to a marketing agency that offers that service. Either way you have to get on this gravy train of building your email list now.


If you look on your Facebook page’s cover photo, there are a number of Call to Action buttons. In the example below, Limelight Marketing Systems has many ways for prospects or clients to interact with them. Everything from “liking and sharing” to going directly to their website (from the Limelight logo at the bottom left).

More Call to Action buttons can be added depending on what you want your visitor to do.

Shop Now, Sign up for a Newsletter, you name it, there are lots of options for engagement.


Want to reconnect with your college friends or other like-minded business entrepreneurs? LinkedIn is the place. Where else can you just make up skills and get endorsed for them by complete strangers or receive recommendations by other former (now unemployed) co –workers. There’s treasure in them there profiles and it comes in the way of email addresses hidden in amongst the individual’s contact information. Because LinkedIn users basically want to be in the loop for any new business opportunities (or maybe your professional services), it shouldn’t be difficult for you to find an email address somewhere on their profile and then export it into your newsletter list database.


Primarily used by females (70%), Pinterest was initially a web-sharing site for photos, recipes, crafts, home décor ideas and much more that the ladies seemed to like. Can’t males do any of that you may be asking? Well of course they can and they do, along with more and more businesses that are seeing the huge potential for engaging readers in this social media giant. Put up an appealing picture featuring your product or service, but also make sure it links to your blog or website so you can then ask the visitor to sign up for your newsletter. Remember, it’s all about getting their contact information (email) for future engagement. Note in this example here the opportunity to share it, love it, save it and check out the website.


It’s more than a just a place for cat videos and skateboard fails. This granddaddy of video content sharing is a perfect place to search for new audiences and build your brand. But, as with all the other examples here, you need to create a plan.

1. Manufacture great videos that people will want to share because they’re unique, entertaining, educational or somehow interesting. Just remember you’re competing with literally billions of uploaded videos on every conceivable subject.

2. Make sure you’re not a “one-off wonder”, publish regularly.

3. Once you’ve found your viewers, or they’ve found you, encourage them to sign up for your list which will keep them informed of new videos that you have created.

4. If that invitation isn’t enough, offer viewers an incentive like an eBook, coupon or anything else that might be of interest to them in exchange for the right to correspond with them again in the future.

5. Even consider inviting your viewer to subscribe from within the video itself.

So there you have it, 3 social media opportunities that will help you build your email prospect list. When will you start?