#InstaProfit: Using Instagram to Boost Your Business

Think of Instagram as the lovechild of your portfolio and lead generator—I bet I have your attention now.

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Instagram has over **one billion active monthly users** and **over 500 million daily users**. This stat comes from February of 2017—two 1/2 full years ago!—and it’s only been growing since.

It’s free advertising that almost everyone knows how to use (or can at least delegate to someone who does). And, bonus! It’s a medium that is entirely reliant on the visual, which makes it a natural fit for the visual consumer (which is nearly EVERYONE). It’s also more personal. Instagram works on a 1:1 communication, which means you can see every individual who interacts with your post and reach out to them specifically.

Best of all, along with it being easier for your customers to use, it’s also easier for you to use. Hashtags function like a more direct SEO, making it a more straightforward way for your business to be delivered. And, I know I’ve already mentioned this, but Instagram’s free! The sky’s the limit on Instagram. Let’s also not forget how Instagram comes with free photo editing opportunities, making it easier for you to look like a pro with little to no experience.


I can see it in your eyes, dear reader—you’ve come to see the new frontier that is using Instagram to boost your business. But now, of course, comes step two. How do you get started?

  1. Set a few goals. Like anything in business, setting attainable goals is key to a successful venture. Determine what you want to do, a destination to map out your steps. One such goal can be deciding who you want to work with. Who is your audience and who is your ideal client? Using a social media calendar can also help you map out your steps!

  2. Customize your content. 80% of Instagram users are under the age of 34, and studies show that over half of all millennials check their Instagram daily. Make sure the userbase you’re after will find your content inspiring, helpful, entertaining, and informative (you get the idea).

  3. Optimize! As with all social media, a business account is going to look different than a personal one. Don’t muddle up your personal account with your business one. Keep it totally professional, and keep your amazing sunset vacation pictures for your own private account. 

  4. Best Foot Forward. Write a compelling bio. Make it engaging, and attention grabbing. Some things to include may be how you love helping your target demographic, your niche, and of course emojis are always a fun way to get your audience’s attention too. 


You understand the why, you understand the how. But what kind of things should you be posting on your Instagram account now that you’ve signed up, penned that clever bio, and selected your profile picture?

The last thing you want is to have a bland profile. Mix it up. Think of it as an artistic canvas for your business. You are selling a product or service, yes, but you’re also selling your brand. It’s important to keep your brand in-tact, consistent and thriving throughout your Instagram account. Photographs, along with aesthetically appealing images and clever captions are more important than ever.  

Not sure where to get started? Limelight Marketing Systems has a team of insta-specialists that are here to #help you on your way to #success. Contact us today. We’ve got the #knowhow to make you look good.