THe Magic Mix of Facebook Posting


By Tricia Allenson

It’s been fourteen years since Facebook first went live on the web. It’s grown from a small east-coast startup to an axis of modern-day communication. Everyone is on Facebook these days, from eleven-year-olds checking their feed in elementary schools to retired octogenarians liking pictures of their grandchildren. 

With such a wide audience already interacting with the site, it’s only natural to consider using Facebook to further your business. One of the questions we get asked most is, "should I post personal information on my business page?" and "can I post business information on my personal page". The short answer to both of these is - yes. However, it can be a slippery slope so proceed with caution and BALANCE.  


Facebook operates on people connecting with one another as individuals. This makes it operate differently than traditional paid advertising or marketing. When we write radio commercials or even create targeted Facebook ads, we are working on a business-to-person basis versus a person-to-person one. With Facebook, you’re not presenting but rather looking to engage your audience—in this case, your friends, family, acquaintances, clients, and prospective clients—in a conversation.

Think of Facebook as something closer to attending a conference. What do we do at conferences? We network! We interact with each other as people BEFORE moving onto the shop talk. Facebook can humanize your brand by mixing in a little personal with the professional.

Posting Etiquette

Whether you are posting on your personal page or your business page, be mindful of your content. Too much business-related content and you’ll flood your friends’ feed with unnecessary information; too little, and you’ve lost any gains you may have made by using a Facebook page in the first place. 

Equally important, remember that whatever you post is no longer just your opinion: it is now the opinion of your business. Use the Grandma Test—is this post something your grandmother would approve of seeing? If yes, post or share it! If no, move along.

You want to strike a good balance of the personal and professional. If you only post about your business, people will soon lose interest. Over-saturation is the real deal! We all like to buy from people versus corporations. The more human you can make your business, the stronger your desired clientele will respond. 


Keep your content varied. Aim for the majority of your posts to be industry-related, resourceful interesting and helpful content, then about a third advertising your products specifically, and for the final 10% of content? Don’t be afraid of sprinkling in some unrelated content such as fun quotes, anecdotes, or something inspiring - - just because.  This is Facebook, after all. It’s hard to go wrong with a cute puppy picture.

Striking the right balance of content can be difficult, but it’s definitely doable and well worth your time. If you’re looking for help on how to walk that line, or in varying your marketing practices in any way, give us a call at Limelight Marketing Systems. We’ll make you look good.