Marketing Makeovers: Updating Your Business Brand

By Tricia Allenson

Just like when it comes to clothing, branding trends change often and quickly.  For instance, we’re currently seeing a tendency towards more minimalistic logos and website layouts.  People are looking for clean, straightforward interfaces. Hardcopy is out, and designs that are more at home on a screen are in.  Today’s customers will quickly judge you based off of your brand and website.  And believe us, they have opinions on everything—even fonts!  


But how can you tell if your business is in need of some rebranding action?  Here are a few signs that it's time to declutter and bring your company into the current decade

·      You haven’t changed your logo, colors, headshot or website in five or more years.  Now more than ever, life moves quickly.  If you don’t keep pace, it—and, more importantly, your customers—will leave you in the dust.

·      Customers are unclear about your mission statement.  Successful businesses evolve, grow, and change.  Chances are, your brand has failed to keep up.  Rebranding can introduce and absorb new aspects that have become a part of your business.  Again, like with clothes—you’re (probably) not wearing the same pair of jeans you wore five years ago.  So why are you still dressing your business like it’s 2013?

·      You want to reach a new audience.  Perhaps your branding has been successful with your core group of loyal customers, but to grow your business you need to reach out to a new base.  This can mean a certain amount of revamping your current corporate image.  This could take several different forms.  You could create a new brand name, adjust your color schemes, or more.

·      Your industry has changed.  With the introduction and prevalence of the web, there isn’t a single industry that looks or works the same way that it did a decade ago, or two decades ago, or three, or—you get the gist.  We’ve seen the rise and fall of many brick-and-mortar mainstays as retail has overwhelmingly turned to online markets.  Make sure that your current branding is successful in connecting your market to your customers.

·      Your product is great, but your branding falls flat.  The best example of this can be found in auto repair.  Drive through any small town in America and you’ll see them—Tom’s Tires or Greenville Muffler.  Both of these hypothetical businesses offer full service for cars, but you wouldn’t know it to read their names.  Make sure your branding is an accurate reflection of ALL the products and services your business has to offer.

Rebranding can feel like a giant task.  Sometimes it can help to think of it like cleaning out your closet.  It feels daunting at the start, but once you get going you’ll find the results well worth your efforts.  Your business—and customers—will thank you.