You’ve Got Mail (No, Really!): Greeting Cards as a Marketing Tool


By Tricia Allenson

In this fast-paced, increasingly internet-based world, it can be easy to lose yourself in a marketing whirlwind of FaceBook pages, e-mail blasts, LinkedIn profiles, Twitter updates, and—wow! We’re exhausted even reading that list, and there are more platforms available to you than we have time to list out! While social media is one of the most cost-effective and wide-reaching methods of marketing your business, sometimes it’s good to take a step away from the screen and back into the tangible world. If you’re looking for a way to reach out to your client base in a way that’s more analog than digital, consider using a tried-and-true standby: the greeting card.

Making Things Personal

Most customers make their decisions based on emotion and then justify those decisions with logic. They want to be assured that they’re more than just a number in a list. Customer based want to know that you see them as a valued member of your corporate community. And, with the majority of communication happening through screens, those feelings of validation are becoming ever more rare. You can stand out from the crowd through the use of a personalized greeting card. As a result, customers are more likely to feel loyal to your brand. After all, by sending a greeting card, you are both saying and implying that keeping current customers is more important than chasing new business, inadvertently abandoning your current base. You can strengthen your relationship with your base. Besides, in this techy age, who doesn’t love to come home from work and find mail sent specifically for you to read? We know we do!

Top of the Heap

Sending out greeting cards may feel old-fashioned, but there’s a reason this particular marketing tool sticks around. First and foremost, you’re putting your company’s name and logo directly into customers’ homes. However, unlike companies who send out heaps of letters, brochures, and pamphlets, you are leading with a personal touch. A greeting card presents the perfect opportunity to follow up to past conversations as well as providing information about services that this specific customer made find useful. You are not sending junk mail to Dear Valued Customer, but reaching out to an individual and creating a positive association with your brand.

In Sight, In Mind

We often believe the opposite sentiment—out of sight, out of mind—so we can accept that this is most likely also true. People tend to keep greeting cards around longer than other mail. They let them out on tables, display them on mantels, magnet them onto the front of the fridge. This means that by sending a greeting card—versus an easily deleted e-mail, or a form letter, or a flier glanced at and tossed into the trash—you keep your name and brand around for longer.

We so often get caught up in chasing the next best thing, the fastest way to get something, establishing ourselves on the newest social media trend. But sometimes, the older or more traditional way of marketing is worth considering. By taking the time to make a personal connection, you can make your client base feel valued and seen—which means they’ll be more likely to stick around with you for a long, long time (and just maybe even refer new business to you).

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