People are Talking Behind Your Back! Wanna Know What They're Saying?

We generally assume the worst when we hear people are talking about us behind out back -- but in reality – and particularly in business, marketing, and branding— having others talk about you is often a really good thing.

Here are some tips for getting tongues wagging about you through testimonials!

Assuming that you are focused on client service, product satisfaction, and delivering on your promises, you likely have a lot of very satisfied customers.  However, multiple studies have shown that consumers are far more likely to tell others about a bad experience they had with a business or a brand, than they are to share about a good experience.  This means that if you want those good experiences to be shared far and wide, you’re likely going to have to ask for testimonials.

How Do Testimonials About Your Product or Service Help Your Business/Brand?

  • Build Trust with Potential Clients
  • Brag About Your Brand Without Sounding Super Sales-ish
  • Nip Skepticism About Your Services or Product in the Bud

So, How Do You Use These Testimonials?

  • Post Them on Your Website (text, audio, or video format)
  • ShareThem on Social Media
  • Include Links or Snippets to Testimonials in Emailing Marketing Campaigns

But, How Do You Get Customers and Clients to Provide Testimonials?

You ask for them.  You can do this through a survey, you can ask to do a video call with them,
but the point is; if you don’t ask, you likely won’t receive.  There is nothing wrong with saying
to a customer: “I’m so glad you’re happy with our service/product.  Would you mind sharing
why you’re pleased with our business?  I would appreciate it.  I will send you a link.”

There’s an adage that the best ideas are typically simple.  Asking for testimonials is no exception.  When your service or product makes your clients happy, ask them to share why it made them happy.  Ta-da!  You’ve got people talking about you, in a favorable way, and you can now share their kind words with others, again through very simple means.

If you’d like help using your testimonials to get tongues wagging about you and your business, contact us today.  Limelight Marketing Systems can help in repurposing testimonials for social media, using your testimonials effectively through email marketing, showcasing testimonials on custom websites, and much more.

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