Your Bio is not that special...but it could be

By Tricia Allenson

Hello, and thanks for reading my bio. I have been district sales manager for 10 years and chair the meetings for the BLAH! BLAH! BLAH! BLAH! BLAH! Furthermore, I BLAH! BLAH! BLAH! 

If you stopped reading somewhere around district sales manager, then you’re probably like most people who only give your bio a passing glimpse and decide instantly if you’re “sponge worthy” (don’t worry if you don’t know what that means). Said another way, you’ve got seconds to make a unique first impression. 

A bio is not a resume and it’s quite possibly one of the biggest factors as to whether someone decides to work with you. 

You see… you’re not really all that special (I know, I know, when you were a kid everyone told you that you were special, but you aren’t, so get over it.) A lot of people in business have your qualifications and experience, and some have lots more and others a lot less. 

But, that’s not the determinate you may think it is as to whether they choose to work with you. Now granted, if you’re going in for brain surgery, you probably a surgeon that’s poked around in a lot of brains, but most businesses just want to do business with someone that can get the job done and is easy, pleasant, and fun to work with. 

You’ve probably come across people in your industry that have less going for them, but somehow they soar with the eagles while you’re left hang’n with the turkeys… Now, unless you’re a turkey farmer you’re probably wondering how that happens. It’s not complicated you just need to make yourself stand out in a good way, amongst all your competition. 

For instance, I read two morticians bios on a funeral parlor website. 

One said, “I think inside the box”, and his associate stated, “I’m the last one to let you down” 

Now you may or may not think that’s a business where a little levity is appropriate, but… let’s face it, everyone’s going to die, and you don’t need a lot of qualifications to stick someone in a box, so you may as well at least stand out. 

Do you know that one researcher found that on the shows, The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, the majority of contestants said that humor is the most desirable characteristic in a mate - right after rich and good looking. 

So what makes you different? Your bio might be the only place to showcase that. 

Do you still use your MYSPACE account? 

Do you do the Macarena while listening to Duran Duran? 

Do you feel embarrassed when you undress in front of the dog (well you might not want to share that one), but you get the idea. 

People are looking for a way to identify with you and an excuse to hire someone just like you, especially if you come across as fun to work with. 

Don’t under-estimate the power of your bio. 

There will always be people who will choose to come across as dry and boring, but this is a new era, so “Carpe diem”. 

Have fun! Stand out! Make an outrageous statement or expose yourself (figuratively)! Take a risk and become an interesting new you that commands attention.