5 Simple Tips for Mobile-Friendly Emails

By Tricia Allenson

Every morning, my day starts off a little something like this:

I wake up, roll over, and before I even get out of bed, I reach for my iPhone and check my email. Then I check it again while eating breakfast, and again while waiting in line to get a coffee on my way to work.

On an average morning, I’ve checked my email three or four times before I’ve even turned on my computer.

Does this routine sound familiar?

Smartphone usage is sky-rocketing, and with it, so is the number of people that are reading email on a mobile device. According to Litmus, 53% of email is now opened on a mobile device. That number is up 500% from 2010, and I think it’s a pretty safe bet that it’s going to continue to grow.

This means that you need to be creating emails that are mobile friendly. A mobile-friendly email is an email that displays optimally between a desktop/laptop and a mobile device, ensuring that it will look great regardless of where your customers and prospects read it.

Sound complicated? It’s not. It’s actually pretty easy.

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