How to feed a squirrel (with or without a man bun)

By Tricia Allenson

Unless you’re a 16th Century sumo wrestler or David Beckham, the man bun is dead. A few males can pull the look off but most just appear like they’re trying too hard to be noticed and cool. Some guys will experiment with this, they’ll take their man bun out for a test drive and try and get a sense of their public fashion acceptance. They pick up clues as they strut along, seeing who's noticing them, who's responding favorably and who else might be sporting a man bun before they make the decision to keep it or kill it.

Marketing can be that way also, you can try too hard to make a point or to be selling. People don’t like to be sold to, they want to be flirted with and wooed. Trying hard is usually a very admirable thing, like the sports team that gets behind and won’t give up, but when it comes to self-promotion and marketing it can make you look desperate, and that’s not a look anyone can pull off or wants to have.

Take this “squirrel in the park” example, which also works for ducks and pigeons. Squirrels like to be fed, they’re always hungry, and a few breadcrumbs would make their day. You put your hand out, they kind of walk around getting closer and closer but pretending not to notice you too much. You continue to tempt them in a very nonchalant kind of way and before you know it they are within arms reach and making themselves comfortable in your trusted presence. You extend the offer (your hand) to do business with you and they accept. The transaction is done. The next time you offer breadcrumbs they are much quicker to respond because of your growing relationship.

Now comes along the kid with a loaf of bread, he chases the squirrels and they scatter in every direction. It’s still bread, they still want it but there’s a huge difference in the way it’s been offered. Are you a squirrel chaser? Does your marketing have a man bun? Have your marketing efforts resembled any of these scenarios? If so, it’s time to re-evaluate your approach. Need some direction? Call for a FREE consultation with one our talented marketing strategists. Visit for more information.