Did You Hear About Andy?

By Tricia Allenson

Neither have we. In fact, we don’t even know Andy. But you likely are scanning this article to see what’s up with Andy. And THAT my friends - is the power of a good headline.

Similarly, email subject lines attract a wide readership based on their unique content. Some emails are potentially of great use to readers - for instance, “Find The Best Deals on Flights to Europe” and some are not, like, “Make Millions, Send Me $1.00 To Learn How”. Internet filters do screen out at some of the undesirables and label them as spam, but many also get through. 33% of email-readers say they open email based on the subject line. So how do you make sure your prospects see and open yours and that you’re not lost in the pile?

Successful email campaigns require creating a good mailing list, using exceptional writers, sourcing a reputable email service provider and the list goes on and on. Customer acquisition also comes at a cost. But get this - email marketing shows an average 3,800% ROI. That means for every dollar spent on email marketing, the return is $38! Now that’s a good headline! No other marketing effort comes that close.

In the US alone, 1.47 million marketing emails are sent every month. You do the math. Money is being spent and lots more money is being made. Marketing companies (77%) use email marketing and have figured out how to make their clients very, very successful. By the end of 2016, the total number of email accounts in the world is expected to top 4.3 billion. That trumps the number of social media accounts many times over. Email is 40 times better at landing new customers than Twitter or Facebook.

Based on open rates, the most effective days of the week are Tuesdays, with Wednesdays and Thursdays also being effective. Some feel that Saturday is also one of the best options, with Friday being the least effective. Less than half of emails are opened on desktop computers these days. Most emails are opened on tablets and phones (68%). Knowing this, you want to be sure your emails are optimized for mobile devices because 75% of emails that are not optimized are never opened.

The average number of emails per day that an office worker receives in North America is 121 and the open rate is 30%. Any thoughts on who’s sending all those emails? If you’ve ever clicked on a Groupon, then expect lots more mail from them. They top the list of emails sent per person per year at 388.

And this last statistic puts everything in perspective; just guess where a whopping 42% of emails are opened? If you said the bathroom, you’d be right.

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