Are Your Social Media Marketing Efforts Today Going To Work For You Tomorrow?

By Tricia Allenson


A strong social media presence is a necessary component for any marketing strategy. Whether you're an independent REALTORĀ® working for a franchise, or you're Google, you need a strong social media presence in order to maximize the exposure of your products or services.  Unfortunately, you won't be able to rely on what you were doing yesterday to carry you into a successful tomorrow. But don't panic. At Let'mkno we've got you covered, and in fact, we're on the forefront of these five social media trends of the future.
1. Content Marketing Will Resemble Social Marketing
Instead of differentiating your personal from professional life when it comes to social media, the two will become integrated, with professionals using not only their "business" pages to market, but their personal pages as well. When it comes to marketing, the bigger the audience, the better.
2. Social Media Demand and Response Emerges in Real Time
More and more businesses will begin real time monitoring and response to audiences needs in order to capture consumer demand on the spot.

3. Live-streaming Video and Audio Content Will Dominate Social Media
Live-streaming audio and video elements will continue to grow in popularity, making them some of your most powerful social media marketing efforts. Think Periscope! ( and Facebook Mentions.

4. Mobile Social Media Will Become The Norm
Hundreds of millions of people already access social media exclusively through their mobile devices, so it's a safe bet to say that mobile social media marketing efforts are a smart avenue to begin targeting.
5. Paid Social Media Advertising Will Only Increase in Popularity
Consider that a regular post will reach a fraction of a percentage of your audience. To get the most out of your social media efforts, you're going to have to consider paid social media advertising.