Are You Watching Your Stepps?

Have you ever wondered why certain brands and businesses catch on? I recently read a great book calledContagious by Jonah Berger. He has studied and written about why products and brands get word of mouth and how social influence shapes everything from the cars we buy, the companies we do business with, the clothes we wear and even the names we give our children. In his book, he describes the 6 principles of contagiousness and they are compacted into the acronym STEPPS.  (Social Currency, Triggered, Emotional, Practically Valuable and Story). 

These “STEPPS” in contagiousness, can apply to any business and we want to share them with you over the course of the next 6 weeks.

“Social currency” is the first principle of contagiousness and is used in a couple of different ways these days.  It refers to an individual or organization’s online influence and access to influencers, stemming from their presence on social media sites.

The term “social currency” is also used as a measuring stick to chart the strength of a brand’s digital presence. Regardless of how we’re using the phrase, as business professionals, suffice to say you always want more social currency!  You want your brand to have a greater presence, and you’d like to have greater access to others online, so let’s take a look at simple ways to increase your brand’s social currency. 

  1. Share What Makes Your Brand Unique

We don’t mean that you should be sharing… Every. Single. Thing. You. Do. We mean identify a couple of reasons you’re different, and then creatively market around those themes. People want to share snappy, clever, unique posts, so yours needs to measure up.

  1. Capitalize on Game Mechanics

Consider offering rewards or benefits to those who help you grow! That means you may create “levels” that your clients aim to reach.  You may want reviews, and offer a prize for any client who recommends you on Linked-In or reviews you on your Facebook page.  Get creative!

  1. Create an “Insider” Club

People love feeling like they are a part of something exclusive.  So consider releasing new products, or marketing initiatives to an ‘insiders club.”  Exclusivity tends to breed interest, so try to decide how you could best create allure, and then send special invitations. 

If you’re unclear on exactly how social currency works, don’t sweat it.  We can help drive your social currency way up for you! Give us a call today to connect.

Meet Letmkno’s new Chief Entertainment Officer, Chris as he explains Social Currency!

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