Did you get the memo? The future of marketing is CHANGING!

By Tricia Allenson

Are you an early adopter?

As more business owners use apps like Periscope and Meerkat, it's becoming clear that live streaming will play a major role in social marketing in the coming months and years.

Back in March, Twitter made the savvy move to purchase the live video streaming app Periscope, and those who are using it are already singing its praises.  Nicknamed the Instagram of live video streaming, this truly amazing app gives you a wholly unique way to connect with your target audience in a more personal way than ever before... we're talking live streaming! 

If you've already incorporated Twitter into your marketing strategy (and we sure hope you have, or will ASAP) you have everything you need to get started.  Just download the app, and watch how easy it becomes to share your stories and experiences so that your audience can connect with you on a personal level, all the while you're showcasing your brand or service in a relatable way.  In essence, viewers become active participants in your personal marketing. In fact, you can invite them to ask questions which you'll answer live on your video.

More than just a witty 140 character tweet, Periscope draws your audience in through live entertainment, providing an added value all the while you continue to keep your face, service, product or business at Top of Mind.

If you need help in determining HOW you can use live streaming in your business and what types of Periscope videos may pack the most punch for your professional goals, please give us a call today at  952-212-7598.

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