Is your email marketing evoking emotion? P.S. It Should!

One of the reasons that online marketing campaigns of any kind are successful is because they evoke emotion in the reader/viewer. The reason? Messages with an emotional component are more likely to be shared with others than a message which presents, in the words of Sargent Joe Friday, "Just the facts, ma'am."

It's important to note that this does not mean that sending only sappy, break- your-heart-right-in-two messages is a sound marketing strategy.  

Nor does it mean that you should send messages that may be divisive. (We suggest ALWAYS staying away from including ANYTHING political in your marketing).

But evoking emotion via online and email marketing messages which are touching, thought-provoking (in a good way), or --our favorite--humorous, is a great way to expand your marketing reach. Your recipients are not only more likely to share your message with others, but they are also more likely to remember your brand as the funny, compassionate, or possibly insightful brand.

If you need help drafting messages that are going to make an impression through evoking emotion, give us a shout. That's what we're here for. (Well that, and for coffee. We LOVE coffee.)