What’s Fact and What’s Fiction When it Comes To Website Marketing

There is no shortage of information available about how an individual or business should market themselves online. Much of it is super helpful. But some of it…is more like urban legend. You want and need your brand to become a success both online and offline, so we’re going to take a closer look at some common marketing myths that abound. Let’s begin with your website.

Fact or Fiction: “If you build it…they will come.”


Maybe this happens in Hollywood, but when it comes to branding and building a successful business it is nothing more than a pipe dream to believe that if you build a website, people will naturally flock to it.


But please don’t get discouraged, because driving visitors to your website isn’t rocket science. Nor does it involve any smoke and/or mirrors. Instead, it can be achieved effectively (and inexpensively-yay!) through many different marketing programs.

Here’s how it works:

Simply emailing a newsletter consistently to your database, regularly posting to your social media profiles, sticking to your brand message, and mailing cards and gifts to your clients, will turn your functional website into a fast and furious foundation for success.

Links in your newsletter will lead people back to your website (don’t worry, we track this for you - more about that next time). Certain social interactions should include a link to your website for more information, and your email signature can offer special website promotions. (Did we just send you to our website 3 different times?) Obviously, those going to your website are far more likely to contact you, than those who haven’t been to your site, right?

I told you it wasn’t rocket science.

So, don’t make the mistake of buying into the myth that a website alone will draw in clients and customers. In order to help both past, present, and future clients find you online, you need to consistently let’mkno where to find your website!

Tricia Allenson is both the brainchild, and presiding ringleader at let'mkno  marketing, overseeing a team of copywriters, designers, email marketing wizards, and advocating allies who all work to make you and your business look good.  You can reach Tricia at 952-212-7598, or via email tricia.allenson@letmkno.com