What does your brand say about your business?

Frankly, it says everything. Your brand represents not only who you are, and what you do, but it also represents how well you do it.

Let's take a look at the ABCs of Branding:

A is for Advertising

Your brand should be the nucleus of your advertising efforts and strategies.  That's because your brand (complete with a consistently used, professional logo) is one of your best forms of advertising.  In addition, affiliating your brand with a specific outlet and audience says a lot about who will most benefit from your services.

B is for Believability

Your professional brand (which obviously, must include unrivaled service) must give your targeted clients good reason to believe in you and your services/products. That's why it is imperative that it has a professional appearance, and it is used consistently.

C is for Communication

A professional brand (I repeat: complete with a professional logo which is used consistently) communicates who you are, and why you deserve a client's business. Customers and clients are more likely to do business with a company which communicates that it is both credible and professional.

Your reputation, your services and your value to customers can be succinctly conveyed through a memorable logo and brand, which is consistently used in all marketing efforts.  (Did I mention it needs to be used consistently?)

If you're struggling with an undefined brand, or inconsistency in your marketing, let us help.  letmkno marketing specializes in affordable logo creation, and consistent branding for businesses of all sizes.

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