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Focus on the Journey - Our custom tailored, highly targeted marketing system is part sprint and part marathon. Using 5 simple yet effective marketing systems, we help you generate more leads right out of the gate, while working behind the scenes to streamline YOUR systems and increase your productivity so that your brand and business can go the proverbial distance.

We’re here to be both your coach, and your teammate throughout the entire journey.  High five for teamwork, right?

Get Started Today - The best-and frankly, only-way to get started with us is to schedule a FREE Marketing Consultation with Tricia Allenson. 

Tricia has worked with countless clients (just like you), and has assembled a team of artists, designers, writers, and other clever colleagues who get a real kick out of creating and providing one-of-a-kind, economical and truly successful marketing solutions for you!

What are you waiting for? Next Year? Too late!

Choose the Right Guide - There are a gazillion different companies offering marketing services to all kinds of businesses, so which is the right one for you? We are.  Seriously.  We are. 

Think of the Limelight team as your own personal marketing sherpa.  We love guiding you through the process of building awareness of your brand, we do most of the heavy lifting for you, and we help you navigate the world of online marketing so you can focus on what you do best. After all, your business is your adventure. We’re just happy to be your trusted marketing guide.