what we do

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Have a bunch of ideas for marketing your brand, but no time to execute? Limelight Marketing Systems is here to save the day! Using simple yet effective systems, we help you generate more leads right out of the gate. We’re here to be both your coach, and your teammate throughout the entire journey. High five for teamwork, right?


Who We are

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Our team is made up of wacky, though love-able writers that spin words to create custom blogs for you. Ridiculously talented graphic designers that create works of arts reflecting your brand morning, noon and night. And our wildly strategic, and organized-to-hilt social media/eMail marketing teams then put the artistry to work all the livelong day.


How We Can Help

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There are a gazillion different companies offering marketing services to all kinds of businesses, so which is the right one for you? We are.  Seriously.  We are.  Think of Limelight as your own personal marketing sherpa. We help you navigate the world of online marketing so you can focus on what YOU do best. What are you waiting for?


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