There’s been a rumor flying around for years –we’ll blame Hollywood– that “if you build it; they will come.”  By that token as soon as you’ve built a website, people should flock to it, right? 
Not exactly. (See also: dotcom bubble burst circa 1998). It is true that no one can come to your business if you haven’t built it, but they also can’t come if they can’t find the door to get IN.   

Custom-tailored email marketing provided by Limelight Marketing Systems opens that door to your business, your brand, and directly to you.

With monthly eNewsletters that capture clicks (read: names!) and feature compelling copy provided by our professional word-spinners, Limelight email marketing campaigns deliver a “magic mix” of content including catchy, professional, and useful information designed to drive people back to your website.

It’s really fun to send out our monthly eNewsletter!
People ALWAYS respond and it is consistently generating new leads for us!

— Megan P