Welcome to our Graphic Design ASSESSMENT!  (AUGUST 2017)


1) The test is to create a Branded Banner (like the one above) for Tom and Kelly Fleetham.  Tom is a Real Estate Agent that works for Sothebys.  Kelly is a Property Manager that has her own company The Fleetham Group.  They are looking for something that incorporates both of their contact info and colors into one banner as they are looking to work together.

2) You will create a simple banner in photoshop that is 800px x 300px at 300DPI and save it as an optimized .jpg

We use this cool tool called ninja units to make our calculations: https://www.ninjaunits.com/converters/pixels/pixels-inches/

3) We want a clean, crisp, and elegant "Sotheby's" look and feel to it as Tom and Kelly are serious folks.

4) Here is info for Tom at Sothebys: http://www.lakessothebysrealty.com/

5) Here is info for Kelly at The Fleetham Group: http://www.thefleethamgroup.com/

6) Feel Free to use the assets below or anything from the two websites above.

7) This should be a fun project to blend their brands and hopefully won't take more than an hour.

8) We understand that what you create is yours, if we decide to use what you create we'll pay you $36 (Our standard rate for this)

9) Once completed, please email the .jpg file to jobs@thelimelightteam.com with "Fleetham Banner - Your Name"

10) Questions?  Email jobs@thelimelightteam.com