In order to remain competitive in today’s online, all-of-the-time world, you need to have new content delivered to your target audience on a regular basis.  Not only is new, current content vital in order to let your clients and prospects what you and your business are up to, it’s critical in order to remain visible by search engines. 

Custom blogging (hyper locally targeted to your audience or geographic area) is as necessary as a strong online presence these days.  But we know all too well, that there often just not enough hours in the day for busy professionals and entrepreneurs to write a blog monthly, let alone weekly.  So we take care of that for you. 

We help you identify your topics for your audience, and then the Limelight team of writing warlocks take care of the rest for you.  Whether you want to announce special awards or recognition, or comment on trends in your industry, or share information about local news and events; we stand at the ready to turn your ideas into smartly written custom blogs, which we will also gladly feed to your Social Media accounts.