Alright Spring... Do Your Thing

Spring has finally sprung! A change in season means a change in the housing market, too. The biggest buying and selling periods are just up ahead, and with a host of new inventory soon to be hitting the market, spring is the ideal time in which to buy or sell your home.

For those with hopes to sell in the coming months, there is no shortage of demand out there, which has driven average prices to a thirty-one month high. If you’re a seller, this means you can rest assured that your property will garner top dollar—making the transition to your next property a financially-sound transition.

For those interested in buying a home, fear not! Not only do the spring and summer selling seasons signal imminent inventory growth, but the National Homebuilders Association has also expressed optimism for the coming months, citing a high ceiling for growth and a positive outlook for the summer months—prime building season.

All in all, April is the perfect time to get in on the ground floor of the busy upcoming months. Get in touch with a trusted realtor today and explore your options, whatever your next chapter may bring.