Happy Independence Day

It’s really the heart of summer now!  Time sure does fly when you’re busy barbecuing in the backyard, and getting all those fireworks in order for the Fourth of July.  But while spending time outside with the family, you may find yourself looking around the yard and thinking that it’s time to mix things up a little this July.  You might decide that the time has come to sell your home and buy a new one!

The weather outside isn’t the only thing heating up this summer!  With mortgage rates falling steadily since April across the country, home price appreciation is getting reignited.  So what does this mean for you?  It means that we may soon be seeing fiercer competition when buying homes.  With lower selling points popping up nationwide, more people are setting out to buy.  As a result, if you find the house that’s right for you, move quickly.  Supply is still low, especially for first time homebuyers looking for a starter house.  If you’re looking to sell, then this competition is good news!  You will be able to get a price that will leave both you and your buyer satisfied.

Don’t lose sight of your goals of buying or selling your home this July get lost in the summertime haze of lazy days and catching up on yardwork!  Contact me today, and I’ll get you started to be in your new home by the time school starts again this September!