Make your home ownership goals a reality this season!


Now that we’ve reached back-to-school month and will soon be stepping into fall, it’s time to check the progress made during summer’s radiant selling season.

If you’re considering selling your home, strike while the iron is hot. Home prices are up 5.8% from this time last year, affording sellers a prime position as they eye their next purchase. Buyers take heart, too: new single-family homes priced between $200,000 and $250,000 are currently the fastest-growing division for home builders. That means inventory is being added at a quick clip, and buyers can relish contemporary options at an affordable price.

What’s more? The economy is enjoying robust health in the areas of employment and rising wages. This paves the way for seasoned and first-time home buyers alike to make a sound investment in today’s spirited market. 

It’s hard to part with summer, but there’s still time to make your home ownership goals a reality this season. Get in touch with us today and end this year on a high note. We’ll outline all you need to know when it comes to assessing your real estate options and opportunities in 2017 and beyond.